A Mother’s Journey ~ a poem

A Mother’s Journey ~ a poem

After the death of our firstborn son in 1998, I wrote this poem about the journey a women goes through and how everyone’s ‘happy ending’ is different as we all belong to God and not ourselves!

A Mother’s Journey

A mother’s journey begins …
Long before her first child is born, &
Long before her wedding day
Back when she herself was born

She is preparing even as a child
For that blessed role she will undertake
She is learning and praying
For a godly mother she wants to make

She watches and she listens
To those who’ve been down the path before
Taking notes in secret
And planning for what’s in store

Then one day God blesses her
With a good Christian man
And so her hopes rise higher
That a child will be in God’s plan

Then comes the news
That a mom she soon will be
For the role she has been preparing
She now waits excitedly

What will this child be like?
Will it look like my husband or me?
Will it be a boy or girl?
Will it serve God faithfully?

Oh my!  So much to prepare
Am I ready for this task?
I’ve already learned so much,
But God’s help I still need to ask

How will I teach him what’s right?
How will I take care of him & my husband too?
Can I be a good mother?
Only God can help me through

Then the day arrives
Oh, what joy you’ve never known
As you’re child looks into your eyes
All God’s grace is truly shown

But with all the excitement
There are plenty of laughs & tears
Praying you will raise him right
But there are still so many fears!

Will he be saved at an early age?
Will he want to do what’s right?
Will he want to go to church?
Will he pray & read the Bible each night?

For most mom’s the journey last a lifetime,
But for others, the journey is not so long
It may be days, years, or months,
Before God takes the child home, where he belongs

We weep for our loss
The times down here we will not share
The time away from our child
And we think, Does God really care?

Would a God who loves you
Take your most precious thing away
Why would He say to trust Him
And He will take our burdens away?

The difference is in what we call a burden
To us, it’s the child, who we say we’ve lost
But not to a loving God, because He sent
His Son to pay the ultimate cost

So now, we think our journey is at it’s end
But it’s just at a stopping point in life
For Christ will give us back our child
To raise without worry, pain or strife

Yes, for now we are a little sad
And our child we long to see
But when the trumpet sounds in glory
We will be together for eternity
—Tina Ullery


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