Special Needs Child

Special Needs Child

Have you been blessed with a child that has ‘special needs’! Then CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’ve been chosen for an adventure that not everyone is capable of undertaking! God has chosen YOU to be the parent to care for this special child. This means you will be the benefactor of all the blessings and joys and challenges that are packaged with this special gift from God….you child!

We are here to share in your joys and to help in the challenges. We have a network of parents that have been and are going through the same challenges you face each day. Maybe you have a unique set of challenges or adventures that you could provide insight for someone else down the road. Read through the blogs of other families facing challenges just like you are. Pray for one another! Tell us your story and inspire others along this difficult, but very rewarding journey of caring for a ‘special needs’ child! 


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