Multiple Diagnosis Families

Multiple Diagnosis Families

The Logue Family story

“God seemed to pick the disciples up, carry them through, and set them down on the other side of the storm.” This was the basic message Pastor Dan Preston preached from John 6:16-21 on Thursday morning, April 1, 2010.  As I sat there in the chapel service that morning, God seemed to use the message to tell me clearly that my wife and I were about to embark on a difficult journey with our son, Philip, but that through it all…

No one said Life is Fair!

Who said life was fair? No such thing, but that’s what makes life interesting! My husband and I have had 3 boys.  The oldest was born in 1998 and at the time, we thought was a perfectly healthy boy.  Three days prior to his six month birthday, he developed a hight fever (105+).  We contacted our local ER and they said he was probably teething and to just give him Tylenol and try to get his fever down.  If his…

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